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The Flashing Bodies books feature ‘performance for the camera’ actions by Completely Naked
(photos by Pau Ros & Pablo Goikoetxea)

Flashing Bodies (2009 /12)

A compilation of all 8&1/2 Flashing Bodies installations done between 2009 / 2012

Censura Emocional (small)

Flashing Bodies Action Eight: Known to be provocative, unruly, undisciplined, the Completely Naked collective puts the body at the core of their visual and performative research.

Flashing Bodies Action Seven QR5 / Quiet Revolution

The Heygate Estate. Once home to more than 1200 working class families, it is now undergoing demolition marked for 2015, with the aim of building another more luxurious location for those of different economic status.

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Flashing Bodies Action 4: Inspired by The Garden of Earthly Delights we did transform the Shunt space into a magical forest; where all can happen;, unique characters meet in this forest and perform scenes for the camera. 

  • See more at Completely Naked
  • Print Book, 120 Pages
  • Large format 30×30 cm

Emotional Censorship

Promotional collection for Flashing Bodies Action 8 Censura Emotional

  • See microsite at Completely Naked
  • Print Book, 54 Pages
  • Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm

Flashing Bodies Action Three Shop Window #1

This is Flashing Bodies Action Three: Performed by the audience at Keep Zero Gravity fashion shop in Brick Lane, London 2010.

Arrebato Picante!

FB/A5: For this action, we wanted to recreate a world of fantasy happening in a small cinema, where – like in dreamy sequences – reality is mixed with memories, icons and the magic stuff of what movies are made of…

  • More at Completely Naked
  • Print Book, 130 Pages
  • Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
  • November 2010

The Casting

Flashing Bodies Action Six: At Radicals Lliure, Barcelona, Completely Naked will be holding an open casting for the roles of The Balcony, Jean Genet’s radical play…

  • See more at Completely Naked
  • Print Book, 158 Pages
  • Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm

FB/A2: For Sale

Flashing Bodies Action 2; ‘For Sale’ is based on how we interact with our bodies within our personal relationships, how we ‘sell’ ourselves, how we seduce, look, react, accept or refuse other people because their looks.

  • Read more at Completely Naked
  • Print Book, 80 Pages
  • Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm

Flashing Bodies Action One: Gay Shame

This is Flashing Bodies Action One: Our fourth collaboration with the annual Gay Shame event provided the perfect excuse to create our first Flashing Bodies action.

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