AVA Dance full-length evening performance at Lilian Baylis

Pau Ros production photography of AVA Dance full-length evening performance the 24th & 25th November 2014 at the Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells London.

For the first time London audiences have the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite movement style and visionary choreography of Avatâra Ayuso as a full-length evening performance. The “Provisional Landscapes” performance unveils four thrilling, intelligent, and thought provoking pieces; explores theme of migration, identity, personal space, transformation, the other and nostalgia.

Highly physical duet “OneSquareMeter” refers to a human being’s need to maintain his/her invading personal space in crowded urban communities. Through dynamic movement style Avatâra creates a mute dialogue between two “the others” crowded in one square meter with no escape.

Solo “Balikbayan” is an atmospheric and dazzling work inspired by Philippine woman and her story of migration. This significant and enduring piece reveals the woman’s innermost desire to regain her sense of self-identity. Here Ayuso provokes inner experience for both a dancer and her audience.

Funded by Arts Council England, Kickstarter Supporters  and  ɅVɅ Dance Company

With the support of SpainNOW! 2014, Spanish Embassy in London, Creative Academy, West Wind Theater Slough Sadler’s Wells, Hellerau European Center for the Arts Dresden, Losdedae Chevy Muraday Alcalá de Henares/Madrid, Companía Nacional de Danza de Madrid, Pavilion Dance South West, Richmix, Carmina Ocana School, Moving East, Slough Council Borough, University of West London and all kickstarter supporters.

Cast & Creative team:

Director and choreographer: Avatâra Ayuso (AVA Dance Company)
Performers: Estela Merlos, Sunbee Han, Mar Rodriguez Valverde, Alejandra Baño Pelegrín, Avatâra Ayuso
Costume Design: Marta Jiménez-Salcedo
Light Design: Tanja Ruhi
Dramaturgy: Ignacio Vleming

More at http://www.avadancecompany.com/

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