Belfast Road Street Sale

Where we live, in Belfast Road N16, Stoke Newington (London), we have a tradition. For the last 12 years, once a year, at the beginning of summer, we celebrate with a street sale. It is an excuse to get rid of old items we don’t want, but mostly it’s a street party with good vibes, nice people and a great atmosphere!

This year (2015), I dusted some old medium format films* that went OOD (out of date) in 1998, yes, last century. I grabbed my old Mamya and took some portraits of people passing by… This is the result, an exploration of how old memories catch up with the present; a view of past and present, a flawed scan.

*(Vericolor II 120 ISO 100
(pushed 1 stop)
Exp 03/1998)

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