Edits The Featherstonehaughs

Edits is the highly anticipated new work by Lea Anderson for her all male dance company The Featherstonehaughs, the first since the acclaimed The Featherstonehaughs Draw on the Sketchbooks of Egon Schiele twelve years ago.

Using a drastic and compelling new way of creating movement material, Lea Anderson takes to extremes her translation of the conventions of film, photography and painting into dance.

Edits draws on the peculiar elasticity of filmic time, the dramatic rhythm of film editing, the ability to heighten effect through extreme close up and while revealing the hidden rhythm achieved in film with the use of zooms, pans and tilts, creates a totally original live world of its own.

Featuring costumes by three time Oscar Winner Sandy Powell and an original score played live, Edits is the perfect continuation of The Featherstonehaughs’ venture into new dance territory.


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