Everybody is gone..!

Started May 2023

‘Everybody is gone’ is a new project from photographer Pau Ros, started in 2023.

An alternative visual exploration of London as a big urban city, looking through the cracks. Quiet moments of suspension, observing silence aside from the crowd.  Is all about expectations, hopes and disappointments in a fast-growing city. The metropolis is young and moves quickly, and before you know it, everybody (you met before) is gone..!

Staring at the silence… the wait, the hold,  emptiness… Big expectations await, but all is still, quiet…  With broken promises and an unaffordable new reality, the city pushes away its natural inhabitants to bring in a new type of citizen.

The urbanistic development of a city, mostly of big expensive buildings, and the lack of social infrastructures are diminishing the idea of society. Only for the rich. And where are the new schools, the new hospitals, the theatres, the shops?

All photographic images © Pau Ros 2024

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