Project Tobong at the Horniman Museum

Horniman Museum, South Balcony Gallery

3rd Oct. 2015  to 10th Apr. 2016

An exhibition of Project Tobong will be on display at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in Forest Hill, London, on the South Hall Balcony. Alongside is a reyog mask which was presented to the Museum in 1965, together with film and photographs of a reyog performance in Ponorogo, East Java taken by Helen Marshall in 2014.

The Horniman Museum’s collections from Java include a range of material relating to performance including more than 100 leather shadow puppets as well as a number of wooden golek puppets, dance masks and costume items. In addition the archive includes photographs taken in Java and Bali by Beryl de Zoete in the 1930s.

Photos of the exhibition by Pau Ros

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