Sounding DIY


Sounding DIY

Sounding DIY highlights DIY practices versus capitalist mass production. The exhibition represents a substantial change in the creation of prototypes of musical instruments and sound objects that take place in our contemporaneity.

Sounding DIY works with almost thirty artists in the field of DIY culture promoting the efficiency of results obtained, both aesthetically and ideologically throughout the design of music instruments and sonic objects.

This exhibition tries to foster a community of tool developers and creative professionals interested in supporting and understanding artistic practices developed with technologies.

Artists: David Bloor, Tom Mudd, Tom Richards, Andrew Rowe, NoiseOrchestra, Signal to Noise, and Taro Yasuno.

Opening: Wednesday 19 April. 6 pm
Live Performance: Saturday 22 April. 6 pm / Demo with the artists’ artworks and group performance.
Open Thursday and Friday from 12 to 6 pm.

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