Twelfth Night

05 JANUARY 2019

The Curtain Hotel, Shoreditch

The turkey is finished, the brandy’s all gone, our feet are worn from dancing…

But this is the last night.
And the final guests have arrived.

Join us for an intimate evening of live music and curious encounters, featuring artists and friends of Shunt.

Simon Kane
Serena Bobowski

Kay Elizabeth
Yael Karavan
Nigel Barrett
Greg McLaren
Michelle Masden
Clare Beresford

Live Music:

Seaming To

Composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Seaming is one of the most interesting and talented artists we know of. Hailed as ‘the voice of the 21st Century’ by Radio One she has collaborated with some of the UKs most highly acclaimed artists: she was in the band Toolshed which she fronted with Graham Massey (808 State) and James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco) and recorded with Robert Wyatt.

It is with delight that Seaming will be sharing with us a stripped down special solo performance for Twelfth Night that promises to be beautiful, eerie and Lynchian as her performances typically are.
A rare treat not to be missed.

Snack Family

London-based Snack Family have been offering their nudity-inducing low-frequency alternative since 2011. This is music that gets right back to the heartlands, the heart and soul and meat of the matter. Music for the times we’re sweating through. Think Blurt and Nick Cave, Albert Ayler, Captain Beefheart and The Cramps and you’ve some idea of the dirty power this trio kick up. If rock was dead, then this is the reanimated monster, breaking its restraints and tearing through the village, crying out to the skies, looking for love.

We are excited to welcome Snack Family to close Twelfth Night and see in the new year with guts, spirit and joy.

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