VoiceOver Finsbury Park

VoiceOver Finsbury Park

Photographic documentation for a new exhibition at the Museum of London that unveils a network of voices thoughts and ideas generated by the residents of Finsbury Park

“On until 15th April 2018 at the Museum of London the exhibition called VoiceOver Finsbury Park, is the result of a month-long social radio project in which residents of Park House, a housing block on Seven Sisters Road, broadcast monologues and discussions about life in London and expressed their feelings about the city’s future, with the aim of giving neighbours who may never have spoken to each other a reason to chat and share ideas.”

VoiceOver Finsbury Park presents a project created to bring a community together: a hyper-local social radio, installed in a tower block attached to Finsbury Park. In partnership with Umbrellium and Furtherfield, we worked to bring residents together and give neighbours a reason to chat.

VoiceOver shows the technology they used, the responses they received and asks visitors what they’d like to see in a future, better London.

Part of City Now City Future, our year-long season exploring the rewards and challenges of urban life and the future of London.

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