Women for all seasons


Photographic documentation of the EVENT

An exhibition by 30 women artists celebrating International Women’s Day 2020.

This exhibition is a celebration of the sisterhood. Women are silenced every day in every part of the world – from simple interruptions to acts of extreme violence. At this show a group of female artists explore gender issues and women’s rights, presenting work that illustrates their stories of sexism, physical abuse, discrimination, etc…

This exhibition will also commemorate those women and movements that facilitated the empowerment of women and the feminist revolution. Being a collective of differing cultures and ages, who all work in very different media, we pursue to open new perspectives and dialogues about women’s position in society.

The exhibition features embroidery by graphic art by Marcela Pizarro; Rachael Ball, Ann Park, artist and author Lucy Sullivan and Wallis Eates; graphic design by Suzanne Perkins; hand-painted silk by Alejandra Rubies; letterpress by Katie Beecroft; mixed media work by Martha Hannam, Liz Harrison, Anna Klamburg and Nina Simoes & Marcella Haddad; painting by Kristina Alex, Ella Chapman, Christine Clarke, Maria Deddoes, Edwina Hannam and Trinidad Manchado, plus collage/painting by Celia Martín-Pérez, painting/performance/sculpture by Michelle Baharier and collage/painting by Kate Newington; photography by Aisha Jung, Ann Syers, and sculpture/photographic printing by Cash Aspeek and film/photography by Kim Thornton; printing/painting by Ilse Mikula and printmaking by Jill Vigus; sculpture by Alexandra Harley and Sheila Vollmer; and tapestry by Dina Coloma.

Women for All Seasons 4th – 9th March 2020
The Art Academy Newington, 155 Walworth Road SW17 1RS


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